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Ludan Huang consults locally in Portland, OR and globally via telehealth.
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Complimentary Discovery Call Request

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In the 20 min Complimentary Discovery Call, ask the questions you have and discuss your health challenges and goals with us. Together, we will determine if one-on-one functional nutrition consultation or a group class is right for you. If applicable, we will make recommendations on the services that can serve you the best.

One-on-One Services

To give a general idea, the Functional Nutrition process* is generally conducted in 2-6 sessions, depending on client’s conditions and health goals.

Power Symptom burden analysis consultation

30 min

Designed for those who want to understand their health profile and receive inputs on the direction to improve their health systematically. The consultation is based on analysis performed on a comprehensive Symptom Burden Assessment Questionnaire the client completed prior to the consultation.


8-week foundational Restoration program

3 consultation sessions, 75 min each

(Bonus) 2 15-min between-appointment check in calls

The 8-week Foundational Restoration Program includes the full Functional Nutrition Process*. It is designed for those who desire personalized recommendations to restore the foundation of health.


Holistic Transformation program

The 8-Week Foundational Restoration Program + The RESTART Program

The Holistic Transformation Program combines the best of small group class education and 1:1 in-depth functional nutrition consultation. It is designed for those who desire to transform their health with the most comprehensive support.


* Typical Functional Nutrition Process includes the following components: extensive personal/family health history review, Food and Mood Journal analysis, comprehensive Symptom Burden Assessment Questionnaire analysis, personalized dietary/supplement/herb/lifestyle recommendation and implementation, and iterations of combinations of the above components as needed as healing progresses.

** Should client decide to move forward with further care through a package consultation, this cost will be applied as a discount toward the package.


Group Class

The ReStart Program

An empowering combination of Up-to-date Nutrition Education, Guided Sugar Detox (a.k.a Real Food Challenge), and Small Group Support, the RESTART® Program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from processed foods and kickstart a healthy lifestyle. With a 3-week sugar detox built right in, the 5-week program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy, cut sugar and carb cravings, and strengthen the immune system. Discover how good you can feel!

The program includes 5 weekly 90-min classes, 39-page course materials, a cookbook, and in-between private group & email support.  

Each cohort is limited to 10 participants.


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“All I did before was counting my calories which was influenced of my gym training experience. I didn’t think too much about the other things. As a result of RESTART I am way more mindful of what I eat, and learned how to read food labels. I was able to find out the difference of what I ate that changed the level of energy I had. I lost my love handles!! I can wear my high school clothes again!”

Eric E.

Group Class Participant

“This has truly been a life-changing experience! I loved it all! So much information and extremely applicable. I mostly focused on the simple things that would help me the most! My eating habits have vastly improved! Ludan is an incredible instructor! She loves teaching and seeing you grow! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, she is more than willing to help!”

Kevin O.

Group Class Participant and 1:1 Client

“My sleeping issue was the key for me to reach out to Ludan. I did not want to rely on sleeping pills. In addition, I had not been enjoying eating because I had problem with digestion which led to gas and bloating. I ended up skipping meals to avoid the feeling of bloated.. After working with Ludan, I feel less boated, sleep better, and I now have more knowledge in terms of healthy eating. There is no quick fix to health issues, we have work on it. However, with Ludan’s help, everything is possible. At the end of the day, it is the best investment one can make for ourselves for a better life.”

K. Y.

1:1 Client and Group Class Participant